Feeding Ducks, Swans, Moorhens and Coots

Those of us who live in the Leomansley area are fortunate to have access to a wonderful green space with the added bonus of four balancing pools. The pools are home to many different water birds. Many of us take our children, grandchildren or just ourselves to visit the pools to enjoy the simple pleasure of feeding them with stale bread.

Unfortunately, you may not be aware that feeding bread to our water birds may, if eaten in quantity, endanger their heath. They can become ill since bread does not provide the nutrients necessary for their health and this can lead to serious discomfort and disease for the water birds.

In addition, uneaten bread can attract rats, and cause changes to the bacteria and chemical content of water, increasing the risk of avian disease. Algal blooms may form, allowing bacteria to develop and cause disease to other creatures, which may inhabit the pools.

So what can we feed them? Here are some alternatives:

Last but definitely not least, you can visit 46 Walnut Walk, right opposite the top pool nearest Waitrose, and there, attached to the fence, in a box, you will find bags of 'proper' duck food which you can buy for 50 pence. At the moment, all the money goes to Rocklands School in Lichfield. There is an honesty box on the fence, so just put your money into the slot and help yourself. Do our ducks, swans, coots and moorhens a favour and feed them something nutritious!

Many thanks to the very generous Jennings who live at number 46! A great idea, and a valuable contribution by a Leomansley Area resident to protect our wildlife.

LARA is working to develop and protect the wonderful environment and wildlife we have here. Read more about the LARA Pool Project on our web site.

Read more about keeping our ducks healthy on the Canal and River Trust web site.