Executive Committee

The LARA Executive Committee meet throughout the year to discuss and take action on a variety of issues, both those arising from the AGM and other issues that come up during the year. Members are informed through the email list and this web site of any issues that need to be brought to their attention, and a report is made to residents at the AGM at the end of the year.

The members of the Executive Committee for the current year are:

Paul Ledbury (Chairman) paulledbury.co.uk
Tracy Shepherd (Secretary) tjsposthotmail.com
Shaun Bowden shaunmpbowdengmail.com
Jay Bryan jay.bryan7yahoo.co.uk
Jeff Fry jeffsfrygmail.com
Michael Gallagher michaelgallagher3sky.com
Peter King staffs.kingsgmail.com
David Mosson dmossonbtinternet.com

The positions of Vice-Chairman and Treasurer are currently vacant. Dawn Hayward (dawnsimwill.co.uk), our previous treasurer has generously agreed to continue to manage the books until a new treasurer is found.