Marston's Pub

The Marston's planning application to build a pub next to Darwin Hall, at the end of Stonneyland Drive, was approved by the LDC planning committee on 11th March 2013.

Jeff Fry of LARA attended the subsequent licensing hearing where he spoke in order to try to get the opening times decreased. As a result, the following was accomplished:

  1. A reduction in opening hours of the pub from those submitted on the application by Marston's.
  2. A requirement being set down that part of the beer garden closest to the Pre-school's outdoor patio where the children play be unlicensed so as to protect the children from second-hand smoke and language. This will be enforced by the pub's manager.

Planning Application 12/01236/FUL

LARA submitted a formal objection to the proposal as it:

  1. conflicts with the council's own policy on the zoning and development of the land in the Western Recreation Zone.
  2. would have an adverse environmental impact (noise and disturbance) on a residential area that is only 15 metres away.
  3. would have an adverse health and safety implication for pre-school children at the adjacent Darwin Hall pre-school play area.

The latest site plan for the Marston's Pub Planning Application, submitted by Mike West of Marstons to LARA on the 9th of November 2012. (Click on the image for the full-sized pdf document.)

marstons pub plan

The original leaflet sent out by Marston's to some residents on Darwin Park and Walsall Road:

Marstons consultation flyer