Blair House

This is an old issue dating back to Aug 2008

Blair House before it was demolished.

Planning Application 06/00592/FUL


This application was initially refused, then approved on appeal.

If you would like more information regarding the planning application you may visit the Lichfield District Council web site and access the planning application documents (schematics & plan submitted by the applicant, Deltabridge Investments) and the report of the planners to the LDC planning committee (textual write-up by the planners to the councillors on the planning committee).

LARA's position was against the development of Blair House - that it should remain open-space.

The LARA position paper is a complete and technical response to the Blair House application detailing the opposition to the planning application on the basis of what appears to be a breach of the Section 106 agreement and the risk to the lives of school children.

LARA produced a proforma letter for residents to use to oppose the application.

The deadline for representation to the inspectorate was the 18th August 2008. The appeal decision was to allow the application.

Blair House Photo Gallery

The narrowness of the lane is the main issue since it is the main school run lane for the 1100 home Darwin Park estate. How will residents and vehicles co-exist on the one-lane road?

Visibility is poor in spots like this one - what's coming around the bend? What about kids biking, running to/from the play area at the end of this lane? How will they cope with the increased traffic on the lane?

One of the main areas of contention for residents is that the footpath is the current route for parents, children and their siblings to/from Christ Church Primary School and Jack n Jill preschool. Where will these folks stand if vehicles are coming up and down?

The turning in off Walsall road is difficult as seen here. How will larger vehicles make the turn without having to pull into the on-coming lane to make this turn?

Here's a footpath which leads onto the lane in question. You can see that there is no visibility on the righthand side or the left due to the 6ft walls on either side. What if a car is coming and a child steps out into the lane?