The LARA AGM for 2013 is at 10am on 2nd November at Martin Heath Hall, Christchurch Lane. All residents of Leomansley and Darwin Park are invited.

AGM Flyer 2013
Download the AGM Flyer

The agenda is:

10:00 Welcome/Opening Remarks/Apologies
10:05 Accept minutes of the Nov 2012 AGM
10:10 Presentation of Annual Report by the Chairman
10:25 Response, General comments and concerns
10:35 Presentation of Accounts
10:40 Election of Executive Committee
10:45 Motions to be put to the AGM
10:50 Keynote: Leomansley Moving Forward
 (Ward Councillors for Leomansley)
11:15 Q & A with Leomansley Councillors
11:30 Report from local police
11:40 Residents general concerns/questions
11:55 AOB, Chairman's closing remarks

LARA Constitution

There has been a proposal to amend the LARA constitution which will be voted on at the AGM.

The proposal, submitted by Paul Ledbury, is to change Clause 6.1, which currently states:

"The members shall elect an Executive Committee of representative members. Such committee shall include: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer (who shall be three different people) plus up to seven ordinary members."

The proposal is to change the word "seven" to "ten". The reason given for the proposed change is that this reflects the current size of the Executive Committee, which is necessary due to the limited amount of time members have to devote to LARA, and the amount of work that is undertaken.